Data privacy best practices

Data Privacy: 5 things your brand needs to be doing right now, that it probably isn’t

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As technology and individual’s ability to connect and network evolve, individual privacy has quickly become one of the leading issues facing not only our industry, but also the entire technology and digital landscape.

As marketers, we’re on the hook for our brand, and our consumers expect us to be in compliance with all data privacy regulations. However, many marketers assume that legal has it covered or that it doesn’t apply to their marketing assets; in reality, legal and marketing should be in constant communication.

Download the full article below to read more about these 5 best practices to ensure your brand’s compliance and the topics you should be talking to legal about:

  1. Review/edit your privacy policies every year
  2. Pay attention to the recent developments in Europe
  3. Understand how data privacy has changed post Safe-Harbor
  4. Be familiar with the ever changing regulatory landscape
  5. Do a review of your partners and vendors to make sure they have adequate privacy controls in place to ensure compliance

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