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Annalect Research: The Internet of Things

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‘The Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’ has become a buzzphrase in our industry. You may be sick of hearing about it or you may be wondering what it really means. IoT spans many products and industries with enormous potential, but at its core, it’s a system where everyday objects are connected to the internet. It has the potential to impact consumers’ everyday lives by combining normal routines with ubiquitous connected objects. And it has tremendous value for marketers – just think of all that data!

While you may not be an early adopter of smart products, the Internet of Things is not just for techies; it is poised to transform many industries – especially our own. When asked what will have the biggest impact on marketers by 2020, marketing executives say IoT (even over mobile transactions and wearable technology). Coming off of CES, where we heard the latest and greatest on The Internet of Things, here is a primer on the topic. Download the full study below to catch up on IoT: a brief timeline, what the major players are working on, and new products to look out for.

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