Annalect Research: Coupons Make Cents

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If you live by the words, ‘I won’t buy it if I don’t have a coupon, or it’s not on sale,’ you’re not alone…

As the path to purchase becomes more cluttered, coupons have stood the test of time. With nearly 7 in 10 U.S. consumers saying they used a coupon within the last twelve months; this budget saving tool spans all economic and demographic strata at comparatively equivalent levels.

Naturally, as the ownership of smartphones and other mobile devices grows, the use of paperless discounts and coupons have also increased — with millennial shoppers leading the way. Not to be out-shined by their counterparts, Boomers are also avid couponers, but they tend to gravitate towards print or tangible coupons such as FSI’s, in-store coupons or snail mail.

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