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Annalect Research: Big Data Gets Healthy

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As the digital revolution continues to shake up industries, healthcare is no exception.

First, there’s the growing landscape of mobile health devices. Want to know how many times you tossed and turned last night, or how many calories you burned in that SoulCycle class? Fitness wearables are answering those questions (and collecting loads of valuable data in the meantime).

Patients are able to take their treatment into their own hands. They’re increasingly watching online videos of real patients to learn about conditions and pharmaceutical treatments. And services like ZocDoc paved the way for patients to act more like customers – conveniently scheduling their own appointments and reading reviews of doctors before choosing them (not to mention rating them on a 5-star scale). As patients are more responsible for the financial burden of their plans, they expect more from their healthcare experience – they expect to be treated like customers.

Download the full report to find out more about trends in healthcare, including:

  • Which fitness trackers are winning the race?
  • Which pharmaceutical ads are more influential — online or TV?
  • How Hispanics treat healthcare differently?

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