All analysts and analytics, are not created equal. And to be clear, reporting is not analytics. We start with a framework that focuses on business goals, not just marketing issues and advertising metrics. We provide you with multidiscipline analysts that help to inform, measure and optimize your business. For marketers today, knowing “what” happened to your brand is only table stakes. We take it a step further and tell you “why” it happened.

Invest in Utilities

Our global analytics team accesses and uses the data from our insights platform to fuel sophisticated analysis, create repeatable utilities to syndicate into ad technologies for programmatic activation.

Democratization of Analytic Utility

  • Enables specific aspects of data-driven marketing

  • Focused on application

  • Standardized process and outputs

  • Open architecture (Python/R in Bitbucket)

  • Scalable in nature

Utilities that Deliver

A range of utilities that deliver a personalized, relevant, omni-channel data driven strategy for our clients. These analytic utilities are designed to carry out repeated procedures and enable scaled delivery of very specific outputs from planning to buying.

Predictive Audience Modeling

Highly targeted custom audiences defined by their behaviors, not their ages – segments that are nuanced and can drive 1:1 media and messaging strategy.

Channel Planning

Measure the value of digital channels and re-allocate investments based on cross-channel impact. Optimizations are tailored to business objectives such as maximizing reach, impact to brand health and product sales.

Multi-Source Attribution

Harmonization of cross-channel ROI measurement, as well as the synergistic effects between paid, owned, and earned media drivers. Our customized and granular models improve efficiency in budgeting, channel planning and understanding of the relative contribution of media parts and messaging.

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