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AdExchanger: Annalect’s Erin Matts Says Data-Driven Creative Is The Next Big Prize

Omnicom Group’s leadership credits the company’s analytics arm, Annalect, with helping it capture a bunch of new business in 2016. Procter & Gamble and AT&T were the two big media wins, both accruing to fledgling agency Hearts & Science.

And then there’s McDonald’s, a creative account that went to DDB. In the latest episode of the “AdExchanger Talks” podcast, Annalect’s North America CEO Erin Matts says the future of the company lies in business wins like that one.

“We’ve optimized the heck out of the media side of things for so long. Let’s go back and do that for the creatives,” Matts says in this episode. “That piece of it where data and analytics is reuniting media and creative … has been something clients really respond to.”

Annalect has plenty of work ahead to help creatives use data better. Media folks have known for a while that a good media plan requires optimization, but creatives still need to learn that mindset.

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