Too much data, not enough insight?

That’s never a problem with Omni — an open operating system that helps marketers orchestrate better outcomes. Fueled by a decade of innovation and 30,000+ global users, Omni drives marketing transformation through better consumer experiences, greater efficiency, and higher ROI. 

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Data-Powered Marketing

Leveraging data to improve campaign performance can be difficult. Annalect provides brands with an environment and teams that democratize data insights and make it easy to apply them to media and creative executions.

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Future-Proofed Tech

Future-proofing your global marketing investment has never been more important. Annalect’s data experts and proprietary products provide end-to-end solutions — delivering the results you need and the flexibility you never thought possible.

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Our friends over at OMD have been transforming their clients’ business, with a unique end-to-end workflow powered by Omni. It’s been such a game-changer, they’ve introduced a 12-episode video series, Omni Digest — discussing the power, flexibility, and competitive advantage Omni affords them. To kick the series off, George Manas, OMD Worldwide’s CEO,…

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When you develop an open operating system that so effectively helps marketers orchestrate better outcomes, everyone needs to know about it. AdWeek recently spotlighted Omnicom Media Group’s drive to get all employees Omni certified. OMG is the first holding company media group to require almost all of its workforce be certified in…

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Want to know if your video ad is effective before launching it? With Video Creative Intel, the first tool of its kind to tap the power of Google data, create or optimize video ads like never before. What distinguishes Annalect’s new tool from predictive ad tech from other holding companies…

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