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1-800-NOT-ENOUGH: The Customer Service Playbook for the Evolved Consumer

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This proprietary research study by Omnicom Media Group explores the evolved consumers’ mindsets regarding the importance they place on customer service ­across numerous categories – when making purchase decisions throughout their shopping experiences.

It is well known that e-commerce, and Amazon in particular, along with the development and adoption of technology and multiple communication touchpoints, have changed the rules and practice(s) of shopping, but what is less known about is the dramatic influence all of this has had on consumers’ perceptions and expectations of customer service. The old playbook of calling customer service at an 800 # only to resolve an issue no longer resonates for the evolved consumer who subscribes to the new playbook of 1-800-NOT-ENOUGH, and our research examines this topic from consumers’ perspectives.

Some key insights:

Customer service, both good and bad, has become a tipping point for brand loyalty, and social media has become a go-to for fostering communities around customer service, and surprisingly, a positive customer service experience echoes more loudly than a negative experience. At minimum, in order to meet consumers’ expectations, brands need to have a consistent and strong presence across multiple touchpoints throughout consumers’ purchase processes, beginning as early as the pre-shopping phase. And ultimately, in order to exceed consumers’ expectations, brands need to understand that consumers’ customer service expectations begin at different points in the online and in-store shopping process, and brands must also tailor their approaches to their specific categories for an ideal customer service experience.

More details about the study’s methodologies and samples, and other key insights and implications, can be found in the full study.

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