Delivering Business Value Through Data, Technology & Analytics

Our goal at Annalect is to help guide brands from a state of data chaos into business clarity.  By bringing together the best and most innovative minds in the technology, integrated marketing and consulting arena we are building marketing products that make sense of the overwhelming amount of available data and additionally provide valuable recommendations for your business.
With over 450 technologists, developers, analysts, data scientists and UX/UI designers, we have already partnered with 14 of the Fortune 50 on a global basis in 45 markets. These clients take advantage of our over 1 billion proprietary audience profiles as well as our access to hundreds of additional data providers.


With the exponential increase in accessible data, marketers are often in a peculiar state of limbo, somewhere in between burden and boon. The boon occurs when a highly flexible and scalable data strategy is developed and implemented from the onset. The data burden appears when a marketer starts to bring in disparate data sources that aren’t capable of providing a path to the intended outcome. Annalect was built to help marketers make the right data choices for clients at any stage of their business lifecycle.


We see analytics as being the ability to understand how all of the moving parts of your business collectively work together and then predicting what will happen when you begin to adjust them. Just seeing the “what” and “why” isn’t enough. We also provide the “how”. As in, “How do I increase revenue?” How do I improve customer retention?” “How do I activate the most effective channels for my brand?” Our people are trained to look at all of the pieces and help you put them back together in the most efficient and effective way.


If you ask anyone at Annalect why we do what we do, they’ll tell you that it’s all about the outcome.  Business value means different things to different clients, but together we start with the outcome and work backwards from there.  We have a history of increasing revenue, building customer retention and improving a client’s marketing mix.  We’ve done it across the globe and throughout every major product category.