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Annalect Online Consumer Privacy Study

Q2 through July 2013

In 2013, Annalect launched a longitudinal study to track the pulse of consumer awareness, understanding, sentiment, and response to online privacy. Q1 results shed light into the need for consumer control and education to help consumers feel more secure about their online privacy, and the unexpected similarities in response across age groups. The finding is particularly noteworthy for advertisers, as trusting Internet users are twice as likely to accept targeted ads compared to concerned Internet users. In addition, the Q1 results identified implications on how marketers approach digital advertising. With 61% of consumers stating that they typically do not download content that requires personal information, it is becoming more important for marketers to focus on the value-exchange of their digital and mobile advertising as consumers are increasingly aware and savvy about managing their online privacy.

The Q2 publication of Annalect’s Online Consumer Privacy Study was initially intended to extend on the first quarter’s findings; however, the early June news of the National Security Administration’s PRISM program (an attempt to track American’s online behavior) led this analysis down a more focused path. As such, this quarter’s report extends into July to capture an extended view into the impact of the story that unfolded throughout June. Three national online surveys were conducted from May – July 2013 with a combined sample of 2,100 adults, age 18+, who use the Internet at least once a month. Respondents were representative of the U.S. online population.

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If you would like to learn more about consumer online privacy—or data policy more broadly—reach out to the Data Policy team at data@annalect.com, to discuss how we can help.

Adam Gitlin

Global Managing Director, Data Group


Adam Gitlin

Global Managing Director, Data Group

Adam is the global lead for Annalect’s Data Group, responsible for overseeing data management, data policy, and ad technology across the organization. His current focus is on data valuation, utility and enhancement, as well as elevating internal understanding of policy-related issues surrounding data management.

Previous to this role, Adam operated as U.S. Director Digital Analytics at OMD where he launched and built the practice to creatively solve for a range of campaign measurement challenges across social analytics, funnel optimization, branding, and digital attribution. In 2010, Adam led the launch of OMG North America’s ad technology consultancy, Platform Logistics, to develop a best-in-class expertise around digital tracking and deployment technologies. Adam serves on the agency advisory boards of several industry leading technologies and is actively involved in 4A’s/IAB initiatives.

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